⚠️ Important Announcement: We do not have a live trading pair for wPWR on BSC. THIS IS A SCAM impersonating us! Please DO NOT TRADE wPWR on BSC.


A Layer 1, Proof of Work Consensus Paving New Roads to Crypto Adoption through Education, Collaboration, and Web3 Integration

Introducing MaxxChain

Showcasing what we envision to be the next stage of crypto adoption

Born from abandonment, MaxxChain is building its own foundation with commitment to education, collaboration and innovation with a vision to revolutionize the logistics industry using Web3 technologies.

Knowledge Sharing

Offering comprehensive education through various avenues for users of all skill levels.

Developer Collaboration

We prioritize transparency and collaboration, raising the standards for growth in this space.

Delivering Web3 Innovation

MaxxChain aims to leverage blockchain technologies to modernize logistics, providing security, transparency, and decentralization for improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Blockchain Recognition

MaxxChain’s goal is to enhance supply chains, boost blockchain credibility, and foster adoption across all industries.

Buy and Sell Crypto

Effortless crypto trading experience

Where Speed Meets Security and Simplicity.

Why MaxxChain?

Our vision is to create a safer, transparent, and more accessible crypto ecosystem, raising the standards of growth and education in this space

Our Ecosystem

Discover the Power of Synergy with the MaxxChain Ecosystem


Anonymous Multi-Chain Bridge by BlockBlend


Our native DEX to review all on-chain activity


Our blockchain explorer enabling users to review all transactions and wallets on MaxxChain.


Our native Swap where users can create LP pairings or trade their PWR coin for any project listed on MaxxChain


The MaxxBridge where tokens can move between BSC, ETH and MaxxChain for promotion of cross-chain launches and arbitrage opportunities.

MaxxPools & MAXXFaRMS

Provide funding to one or several LP pools and receive a percentage allocation through each trade on MaxxSwap.

Nexus DriP

The only way to earn PWR coin rewards is through the Nexus Drip dAPP.


A chance to earn weekly prize pools of Nexus Tokens on MaxxChain through a simplistic yet fun way of community engagement.


An easy to use multisender for any and every project on-chain.


A robust launchpad including prewritten contracts, ability to launch NFT collections, lock tokens and set auto buyback and burns.


DYOR tool for smart token contracts on several chains including MaxxChain


Keep a detailed track of all personal on-chain holdings


A frontline protocol for users and project-owners to launch their projects and tokens on MaxxChain

Orderbook DEX

Experience orderbook trading in the decentralized world

Discover our Assets


How to trade PWR(Power) Coin in DeFi or on the CEX


How to trade for Wrapped PWR on the Ethereum Network


See ChartTrade

Explore the chart and how to trade $NEX PWR on MaxxChain


See ChartTrade
Our Products

Broaden your reach

Explore some of what MaxxChain has to offer

Unlock a new realm of passive income with the exclusive Profit Pass collection. Earn USDT BEP20 rewards from fees received from all PWRSource bridge and native cross-chain swap transactions FOREVER. Supplies are limited.

Experience orderbook trading in the decentralized world. Project owners can list on any integrated chain with potential visibility across all orderbook platforms. Currently live on Algorand Testnet. Mainnet with over 10 chains to be deployed by end of 2023.

Lock your Nexus Tokens using our unique triple-token reward platform and earn rewards in PWR coin and up to two other MaxxChain listed projects.

Lotto Maxx provides participants with the opportunity to take part in weekly draws by selecting three numbers from a pool of thirty. Prizes are financed through earnings collected from Nexus token taxes and ticket sales. With guaranteed winners in each drawing, Lotto Maxx can offer significant rewards to any user on MaxxChain.

The PWRSource Bridge by BlockBlend is a non-KYC, anonymous, multi-chain bridge where users can swap with over 10 of the most prominent cryptocurrencies and receive PWR coin through a single, untraceable transaction.

Users can elect to lock any amount of USDT-BEP20 for a 6 month period and earn monthly rewards based on the trading activity of a sophisticated trading bot with rewards paid out or reinvested monthly.