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Industry Challenges

The conventional freight factoring process has suffered from notable delays, extensive paperwork, and a lack of transparency. This issue is particularly significant in the United States, where a substantial portion of the country's truck drivers and for-hire trucking companies face delayed payments, resulting in cash flow challenges.

Traditional Factoring
MaxxChain Integration
Payment Processing Time
Days to Weeks
Seconds to Minutes
Paperwork Requirement
Extensive Paperwork Required
Smart Contract Automation
Cost Savings
Hidden Fees over Factoring Rates
Factoring Rate ONLY
Limited Visibility on Transactions
Transparent Ledger
Higher Risk of Fraud
Audited Technologies
Alterable Records
Immutable Transactions
Process Flow
Manual Processes
Automated Smart Contracts

Blockchain and Web3 Solution

We aim to create a secure, transparent, and efficient ecosystem for all freight factoring users by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Step into a future marked by real-time, seamless transactions, ensuring faster payments and more funds in your pocket!

Smart Contracts

Automating and expediting the factoring process with smart contracts.

Real-Time Processing

Enjoy lightning-fast payment processing for a steady cash flow.


Cutting overhead costs and streamlining operations with our affordable solutions.

Web2 & Web3 Integration

Efficient integration of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies for maximum efficiency.

Full Transparency

Ensuring transparency and trust among all parties with our blockchain-based platform.

MaxxChain and PWR Benefit

Factoring with Web3

Where smart contracts empower freight factoring services through swift, secure and immutable transactions.

Profit Sharing Market Place

Enjoy a 2% profit share from smart contract invoices, with a focus on high-credit clients and a reserve for financial contingencies. Annual compounded profit share can range from 27% to 44%.

Stable Growth, Consistent Returns

As MXC grows, so does the ecosystem—ensuring a reliable transaction stream and revenue cycle, unaffected by external crypto volatility.

Compounded Returns

Our future staking platform will provide all PWR coin holders an opportunity to take part in profit sharing.

Profit Sharing Calculator

Calculate your potential freight factoring profit share from smart contract invoices.
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Pioneering Use Case

Connecting real-world logistics to Web3 and Blockchain technologies

Industry Expertise

Leadership team with over 25 years of combined logistics industry experience

Profit Sharing

DeFi users have the opportunity to participate in smart contract invoice profit sharing

Collaborative Development

Encourage developers to join our platform, driving forward both the MaxxChain and logistics initiatives

Chain Growth

A consistent revenue stream providing back to on-chain development and advancements

Potential Growth Projections

Minimized Risk

We prioritize stability and security, engaging only with clients of high credit quality.

Stable Forecasts:

DeFi users who pledge USDT can receive a yearly compounded profit share of 27-44%. Over 5 years, this can grow to 228% to 506%

Safeguarded Returns

We will dedicate 0.5% of total revenues to a protective reserve, securing against unforeseen financial shortfalls.
*Based on 2% profit share compounded after each DSO period. 44% is based on 20 DSO which represents actual industry data while 27% is based on 30 DSO which represents typical customer payment terms.
Our Ecosystem

Discover the Power of Synergy with the MaxxChain Ecosystem


Our native DEX to review all on-chain activity


Our blockchain explorer enabling users to review all transactions and wallets on MaxxChain.


Our native Swap where users can create LP pairings or trade their PWR coin for any project listed on MaxxChain

Sphynx swap and bridge

A robust DEX platform with several useful tools for users. Currently only swap and bridge support with more to come.

Nexus DriP

The only way to earn PWR coin rewards is through the Nexus Drip dAPP.


A chance to earn weekly prize pools of Nexus Tokens on MaxxChain through a simplistic yet fun way of community engagement.


A robust launchpad including prewritten contracts, ability to launch NFT collections, lock tokens and set auto buyback and burns.


DYOR tool for smart token contracts on several chains including MaxxChain


Keep a detailed track of all personal on-chain holdings


A frontline protocol for users and project-owners to launch their projects and tokens on MaxxChain

Orderbook DEX

Experience orderbook trading in the decentralized world

MaxxChain/MXC Roadmap

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