Highlights, Nexus Token

New Name – Same Goals

Within the Maxx Ecosystem, the Nexus Utility token play a crucial role in driving the growth of MaxxChain providing incentives to token holders. Previously known as the $MAXX Utility tokens, Nexus is a redeployment of the combination of what was once three separate tokens on three distinct chains indicating a fresh start with its own identity on MaxxChain.

Deflationary Mechanisms

Utilities within Nexus token incorporate deflationary mechanisms to increase scarcity and value of all Nexus tokens and PWR coins. The Nexus Drip utility incur a 10% fee upon claiming, which is then split into two halves: one half is used to purchase and burn Nexus token, while the other half, received in PWR coin, is burned. Ticket sales from the Lotto Maxx utility contribute to the purchase of Nexus tokens that is used for the weekly prize pool, driving up their value along with staking rewards through tax accumulation. Additionally, 10% of the accumulated amounts in the weekly prize pools are used to burn Nexus token. These value structures aim to incentivize long-term token holding and rewarding while ensuring liquidity and stability within the ecosystem.

Long Term Growth

With the rebrand from the previously known trio of $MAXX tokens, Nexus token aspires to become a critical component of the MaxxChain ecosystem, providing unique reward opportunities, a captivating lottery platform, and growth potential through the IgniteQR rewards dashboard. These utilities collectively benefit the entire chain, extending beyond the project alone. As the chain continues to grow, the team will remain dedicated to further developing and expanding the Nexus utility token with additional volume-driving utilities, ensuring its position as a premier project on MaxxChain.”