Lotto Maxx

Lotto Maxx offers community participation leading to a chance for maximum rewards.

Any individual on MaxxChain will have the opportunity to log into the dApp and take part in our weekly lottery which will include a prize pool based on tax accumulation Nexus Token on MaxxChain, ticket sales, and a periodic surprise pool entered by the MaxxChain team.

Periodic Prize Pools

Individuals will be able to purchase tickets and select 3 out of a possible 30 numbers – the selection can be done by choice or through a randomly generated combination. Every five days, there will be a drawing and winning tickets will need to match all 3 numbers from that draw to win the weekly prize pool. Users can purchase as many tickets as they like, increasing their chances of winning.

Maximum Utility

The prize pool will consist of 1% of all buy and sell taxes from Nexus Tokens, ticket sales where each ticket purchased will cost 500 PWR, as well as periodic surprise pools deposited by the MaxxChain team. All proceeds will be used to purchase Nexus Tokens which will then be transferred to the prize pool. 10% of every prize pool will be collected by the MaxxChain team which will then be sent directly to the burn wallet removing those Nexus tokens from circulation.

Community Engagement

The purpose of the lottery is to engage both, holders and non-holders of Nexus Token, on a consistent basis. The lottery will also help in providing consistent volume and corrections of the Nexus Token chart even if winning users decide to sell a portion or all of their winnings. Collectively, the volume produced will ensure staking rewards are increased consistently while reducing supply through buy back and burn.