The PWRSource Profit Pass Collection

USDT (BEP20) rewards for Every Cross-Chain Transaction


Your Gateway to Passive Income on MaxxChain

Unlock a new realm of passive income from all PWRSource Bridge transactions (powered by Blockblend) with the exclusive Profit Pass collection.


A limited edition of 300 Profit Passes are in the pipeline for minting, each obtainable at a price of 0.5 ETH.  


As a Profit Pass holder, you will share all Relayer Fees accumulated by the MaxxChain Team from the PWRSource bridge, awarded in USDT (BEP20), on a prorated basis. This implies that the revenue will be distributed based on the number of NFTs sold at the time of distribution.


Profit Passes can be freely traded within the OpenSea NFT marketplace, facilitated by a nominal 5% creator’s fee.

Profit Pass Collection

Total Supply
300 NFTs
USDT (BEP20) Reward Rate
100% of all PWRSource Bridge Relayer Fees collected by the MaxxChain Team shared among all NFT holders
Trade Market
Creator’s Fee
Minting Price
0.5 ETH
Maximum Holdings
5 per wallet


How long will the Profit Passes be valid?

FOREVER. Profit Passholders will continue to receive USDT (BEP20) rewards for every transaction that occurs on the PWRSource Cross-Chain bridge.

Will I receive other tokens as a Profit Pass holder?

No. To provide a more seamless passive income option, the PWRSource bridge will reward Profit Pass holders with stable coin (USDT - BEP20) rewards on a bi-weekly basis.

On which chain are the Profit Passes located?

The Profit Passes will be accessible on the Ethereum network and will be available for trading on OpenSea.

What will the raised funds be utilized for?

The funds will be allocated to provide liquidity for the introduction of a stable coin on MaxxChain. Additionally, the funds will contribute to securing an additional exchange listing.

Will I start receiving USDT (BEP20) rewards immediately?

Revenue sharing in USDT (BEP20) will commence immediately upon your NFT purchase. Rewards will be distributed to each wallet on a biweekly (to be confirmed) prorated basis, meaning that revenue will be divided according to the number of NFTs sold at the time of distribution.

Is there a way to keep track of the USDT (BEP20) rewards accumulated?

The team will put together a landing page showing information including the running total of USDT (BEP20) rewards collected. As the rewards will be shared equally, the amounts sent to each NFT holder periodically will be the same.

What are the Relayer Fees?

At deployment, Relayer Fees for the PWRSource Bridge will be 2% inbound to MaxxChain and 5% outbound out of MaxxChain. 50% of the fees will be collected by BlockBlend while 50% of the fees will be collected by the Maxx Team and distributed equally to all Profit Pass holders. As we move forward, outbound fees will eventually be reduced to 2% to match inbound fees.